Thursday, November 20, 2008

Week II Day IV -- Making a House a Home, Forcing Bulbs

Making a House a Home

Have you asked your family members what makes a house feel like home to them? I asked my hubby, and the first things he mentioned were neat and orderly, being able to find things when he needs them, having laundry done on time, and the like. I tend to think first of decor. My guy is definitely a function over form engineer, while I'm a form over function artsy type. :) So, it's good for me to keep his needs in mind. I think most men enjoy a home that functions well. My father and son are much the same way.

Dh doesn't naturally think about how the home is furnished, but when asked, he does come up with some preferences in that area as well. He is not comfortable in rooms that are overly formal or overly floral, though he does like real flowers. He enjoys comfortable seating and good lighting for reading or working.

When dh comes home, he is often carrying burdens from work or from his role in church, so he likes a few minutes to relax and collect his thoughts when he comes in.

What do your family members think is homey? I'd love to hear what you found out.

Extra credit: Read David Copperfield or watch one of the many movies made from the book. Compare Dora to Agnes. What good traits did each woman have? What weaknesses did each woman have? In what ways was Agnes more mature and more prepared for real life than Dora? How did she make things homey? What motivated David to marry Dora? Was his choice wise and based on real love, or was it based solely on infatuation? What motivated David to marry Agnes? Was this a more mature love?

For your homemaking notebook: Take a tour of the inside of your house. Notice things that please you. Also jot down things that need to be done. Remember, we're making a master list of things to do in the next several months. Don't try to tackle everything on your list at once.

For your Book of Days: Use some of these questions to help you think of things to journal about: What does it look, feel, smell, and sound like outside today? Has my pet or farm animal done something cute today? What are my children learning today? What am I cooking today? What textures, smells, and colors are involved in today's cooking? Have my husband and I had a few moments of laughter or joy together in the past twenty-four hours?

Winter Project Idea
Forcing bulbs indoors is a way to bring a little bit of spring into the house, even during the winter. Paperwhites are some of the easiest and quickest bulbs to bring to an early indoor bloom. If you try this, please take photos and leave a link to them in the comments section.


Ridenour Family said...

My husband's answer also included a clean and orderly home, as well as the little things that I do to show him my love. Last night after he went to bed, I opened his Bible on the table to where he is currently reading, stuck a love note on the bathroom mirror, set the coffee maker for him, and spent a little extra time straightening up. I am planning on asking my little ones this afternoon their thoughts! (Excited about the bulbs, as well!)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My husband is a former engineer (on Disability due to illness now), my son is just starting his studies of engineering, and my son-in-law has a PhD in statistics. I am surrounded by people of logic.

Fortunately, my daughter has a degree in Interior Design and loves to shop vintage antique places and stop for coffee or tea when we get together.

She also decorates or bakes when stressed. Someone understands...

Sandy said...

I have new posts up with notes about days six through ten. Lots of good thougts this week!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tricia,

What a wonderful idea to stick a love note in the place where he is reading in the Bible!! In almost 28 years of marriage, I've left little notes for him in lots of places, but I never thought of that one! And, that would be the most important place, I think. Thanks for sharing that.

I noticed that Wal-Mart has bulb kits.

Hi Brenda:

You're a woman after my own heart! My dad's uncles were engineers, he was a production manager for a corporation and thinks like an engineer, dear hubby's an engineer, and dear son is an engineer. And, I love -- BOOKS! My daughter was a music major, so she's my artsy one. My new daughter-in-law is somewhere in between.

But, I think .it takes both types to make a house a home. Don't you? Everyone has something wonderful to contribute.

I'm coming right on over to read your posts, Sandy. You always have good thoughts to share!

Pauline said...

Hi Elizabeth! I know that I have made things difficult by starting at the beginning instead of where you all are up to and I do hope that you will forgive me!
I made two posts for this part of your Project Home Economics. I will list them both here. One is for my answers to David Copperfield (it only took me three MONTHS to read!!!!) and one for the homemaking notebook. Thanks again for an inspiring post! I will be back on track to keep going now. I am really really looking forward to starting the apron!!!! But I hate skipping ahead!
Blessings to you
Homemaking Notebook link
David Copperfield link