Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Week III Day III -- Continuing On!

Today's our last "class" day before our "Thanksgiving" break, though, of course, the keeping of our homes will continue on through the holidays. Having y'all along with me on this journey is inspiring me. It's been motivating me not to coast in keeping my home, but to renew my enthusiasm for my role.

I don't know about you, but I'm still thinking about Julieann's lovely article from day before yesterday, as well as about the image of a sealed fountain and an enclosed garden from yesterday's post. I printed out Julieann's article to read over again from time to time, and I sent it to my married daughter, as well.

Here are three goals I have set for myself after reading Julieann's article:

1) Review my day as I drop off to sleep and think about something I'd like to accomplish the next day. Pray about it. I noticed that one reason why Julie is able to maintain such enthusiasm for her role at home is becuase she sets her motivation the night before.
2) Review my appearance and tend to it. (I bought a cute outfit to wear when DH and I are enjoying some time together late in the evenings.)
3) Train my thoughts to be cheerful and to set about my chores cheerfully -- to remember how much my husband depends on me to keep the household functioning. He actually depends as much or more on that now as we've gotten older, because he has more responsibility elsewhere.

How's it going memorizing our verses? I'm still working on this.

Are you finding lovely things to write about in your book of days? Be sure to jot down any happy family moments that you enjoy this weekend.

What better time than Thanksgiving to talk about the care and ironing of tablecloths. I've included some videos about how to iron. Each of the videos is very short, so you have to go on to the next one to get the complete thought. I wish they had put them together in one video, but, still, the videos have great tips. I've included some links to articles, as well. Be sure to check out Ivy's tip for placing your ironing board next to a table so that you can move the ironed cloth onto the table and keep it from wrinkling.

How to Find Grain When Ironing a Tablecloth -- powered by eHow.com

How to Prepare to Iron a Tablecloth -- powered by eHow.com

Tips for Ironing a Tablecloth -- powered by eHow.com

Dealing with Stains & Storage of a Tablecloth -- powered by eHow.com

More on tablecloths:

From Martha Stewart
From Ivy
From E-How editor
From Mary Ellen

Homework: Let's take a little care of our personal garden/fountain today and through the holidays, so that we can be a fountain of joy. Here are some ideas:
1) Get a little fresh air, if it's possible according to the weather in your area.
2) Read something inspiring.
3) Take 15 minutes to an hour sometime during the next few days to just relax and listen to classical music, or just relax in quiet. Close your eyes if you like. (If you live in a warm climate or in a place where it is spring instead of fall, you can spend your quiet time outdoors if you like.) Instead of slouching in a chair, lie down so that all of your muscles are supported. If you have small children in the home, do this while they are napping. If they are beyond the nap stage, ask them to have a quiet period in their rooms, too. Allow them to have a toy or two each on their bed and ask them to play quietly. A little quiet will be good for their spirits and yours, too.
4) Jot down 25 things you are thankful for.
5) Take a bubble bath, trim and buff your nails, polish if you like, put extra lotion on dry areas -- do something "girly." If you have preteen and teen daughters in the home, you can spend time together while putting on a facial mask or brushing each other's hair, or what have you.



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