Saturday, December 13, 2008

Week 5 -- Evaluation and Business Matters

Good morning!

I hope everyone's enjoying being the Economist in their Home this Week. See Sandy's blog, The Home Economics Journal (link in the sidebar) for a discussion about embracing our inner "Housewife."

Personal note and evaluation: I learned (once again! Remedial lesson 101) about the importance of taking care of your own health when it comes to being motivated as a Home Economist or Keeper of our Home. I had a lingering cough after having had a long cold. I did not think I was that sick, but I found myself becoming slower and slower around the house and just staring at the things I wanted to do without really getting them done. I kept thinking I was lazy, which is something that I truly can be on occasion. But, when dear hubby took me to the doctor, I found out that my asthma was out of control; it had been triggered into overdrive by the cold virus. So, now that I'm aggressively treating that, I am bounding with enthusiasm for my tasks again.

As I've said before: Watch out for things like asthma, thyroid problems, hormonal problems, and anemia, which are common energy drains for women. Other things that can affect you are eyestrain from needing a new glasses or contact prescription, infected teeth, and low grade infections. I read about these things in an old book about marriage, but I didn't fully get the picture how all of these things can affect your outlook and your motivation. I'm not saying that all problems with motivation are due to health issues. But, taking care of ourselves will help our motivation.

So, pop quiz!

When was the last time you

1) Spent a quiet hour lying down with all parts of your body supported on a couch or bed, just resting, praying, and listening to soft music? Ask your dear hubby or an older child to watch things for you while you take this quiet hour.
2) Spent an hour or two out of doors? While outside, did you take a few moments to notice God's handiwork in nature?
3) Had a physical? Had your teeth checked and cleaned? Went to an optometrist?
4) Took a bubble bath?
5) Fully followed your doctor's or other medical professional's directions? Exercised for fifteen to thirty minutes?

Regarding exercise: Studies have shown that the Amish, who live and often farm using old-fashioned methods, are about the only people who get enough exercise just by living their day. They thrive on an old-fashioned diet, including desserts, because they need the nutritious and high calorie fuel to power their lifestyle. Their life is part of the basis for the walking 10,000 steps a day program. (If you aren't sure what that is, Google 10,000 steps a day, and you'll find many articles that tell you about the program and how to put it into practice. All you need for this program is a step counter.)

On the other hand, studies have also shown that ordinary housework does have health benefits, particularly as a factor that might help prevent breast cancer. I've long thought that doctors discounted housework as a form of healthful movement, and I'm glad to see that it's being studied. We do have to realize, however, that we don't get as much exercise tending a house as even our grandmothers did. For example, an electric mixer require less energy than beating a cake batter by hand. Every labor saving device we have represents a wonderful boon in time, but also a lesser energy requirement on our part. I'm not quite ready to throw away every one of my labor-saving devices, are you? You can turn your housework into more of a workout by timing yourself and challenging yourself to get a task done in a certain amount of time. Work vigorously and energetically. You can also open a window and do a few stretches by it when you are putting away laundry in a bedroom. Practice lunges when you vacuum. If you can hang clothing on a line, that is healthful exercise when compared to tossing wet things into a dryer. If you are creative, you can work extra exercise benefits into your household routine.

On another subject, I've posted links to women who are following along with this project home economics course. If I left your link out, please let me know. Also, if you post on a particular subject related to the course, leave a comment for us, and we'll all visit your blog. If you are new to project home economics and would like to be included in the sidebar, let me know.

I encourage you to visit these blogs, because every one of these women has something wonderful to share about their adventures in keeping a home.

Question: Can anyone figure out how to make a button with the woman at the desk that any of us could use that would link to this page? That's a little over my technical ability.

Also, if you are preparing a guest article, let me know. I think we have one coming on closet organization and one coming on how to keep home when you move frequently, as in being a military family.

Happy Home Economy!


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