Friday, December 5, 2008

Week IV -- Day 5

Can it really be that we're closing in on the end of our fourth week!
How's it going for everyone?

It's time for a little self-evaluation:

1) What improvements have I made in a month's time? What do I still need to work on?

2) How am I doing with self-care or stewardship of my health and appearance?

a) Am I getting some fresh air and sunshine for at least 15 minutes a day? (I know, it's December -- a cold month in most of the U.S. So, this isn't the best season to get outdoors. But, can you find a sunny window to sit by, even on the messiest, coldest day?)
b) Am I getting enough sleep? (Again, new moms and menopausal women and others may have challenges in this area. But, it's one thing to lack sleep because it's necessary for the moment. It's another to short yourself on sleep because you aren't in the habit of going to bed and rising at times that are good for your health.)
c) How's it going with dressing neatly for the day? Is your appearance a blessing to your family? Do you find energy in looking neat and feminine as you go about your tasks? Or, do you dress in a way that drains you of energy and is unpleasant for your family, as well. Married women, remember that a wife's pleasant appearance is very soothing to a man. You don't have to dress to the nines. Even if you wear jeans, they can be clean and neat and paired with a feminine top, with hair neatly brushed, teeth brushed, and a slick of lip gloss on. How are your nails? How are your eyebrows? Do you make use of an apron to protect your clothing as you work. I have a favorite sweater that I ruined recently by leaning up next to a counter I had sprayed with cleaner. If I'd had an apron on, that wouldn't have happened.
d) Do you need to make appointments to have your eyes, your teeth, and blood levels for anemia and thyroid checked? Many women think they are lazy and lack motivation, when really they have a small health problem that can easily be fixed. Problems with decayed teeth, the wrong eyeglass or contact prescription, anemia, and thyroid problems are four very common energy drains for women.
e) How's my posture? This is another health maker or health breaker for women. Poor posture squishes internal organs, makes it hard to breathe, makes you look and feel tired, can add years to your appearance, and, over time, can wear on joints. All those adults who nagged us to stand and sit correctly when we were young were right! If you are young now, you may feel that you can slouch about and get away with it. In the moment, you may not feel any adverse physical affects from poor posture, because your body is still resilient. However, you are creating wear and tear now that will show up later on, as well as developing poor habits.

3) How's my attitude? Am I dependably cheerful, or am I needlessly moody. Do I know how to express my sorrows and take them to the Lord? Can I weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice? In other words, do I have empathy for the emotions of others? I have a friend who is always very joyful, but who can also let tears flow freely when it is appropriate. The vibe she gives off is always so warm and loving.

4) How's my desk? How are my financial and other papers?

5) How neat is my bedroom? This is for young girls who are taking the course, but it is for the rest of us, as well. A neat bedroom helps to soothe the spirit.

Don't forget: Begin with a peaceful heart. Next, put in order the most intimate spaces around you: Your appearance, your bedroom, your bathroom.
Work from the inside out.
Order in our thoughts and heart works it way out to order in our physical spaces.

For further study: Read how the Lord dealt with his sorrow and anguish in the garden of Gethsemane. What model did Jesus leave us for dealing with anguishing emotions? Contrast his actions with those of the disciples. Contrast how he behaved during his arrest and crucifixion with how everyone else acted. What was the source of Jesus' strength and peace? Why do you think darkness came over the land when Jesus was crying out to God on the cross? What did Jesus do for us at that moment? Hint: Read 2 Corinthians 5:21. What does this tell you about God's love and Christ's love?

Choose One of the Following Activities for Today:

1) Evaluate your undergarments and your nightwear. Are they still pleasant looking, or are they beyond making them fresh and pretty? Can you do any little repairs to freshen your garments? Toss out anything that's no longer wearable and find frugal ways to replace them.
Many times, we keep wearing undergarments and nightwear that are in a condition we would find unacceptable in our other clothing. Yet, suitable foundation garments can make or break an outfit. Wearing fresh underthings and nightwear also lifts our spirits. I have some stuff that's in sad shape right now, and they do nothing for certain blouses and dresses that I have.

2) Clean all clutter off the surface of bedroom dressers, nightstands, etc. If stuff has migrated from other rooms into your bedroom, return these things to their rightful places. Since I've been sick and in bed, this will be a big one for me.

3) Go through your medications and cosmetics and toss anything that is beyond its usefulness date.

4) Mend a garment or polish a pair of shoes

5) Close your bedroom door; open the windows for just 10 minutes; and let in some fresh air. If you are in a cold clime, shut the windows after 10 minutes. A short airing should do the trick. (Don't do this if you are currently experiencing a blizzard or a rainstorm!)

For your book of days:

1) I smiled today because......
2) Outside my window....
3) In my living room....
4) In my kitchen....
5) I am hearing....
6) I am seeing...
7) My favorite colors are...
8) My favorite sounds are...



Candy-Faith said...

Thank you so much for the comment!!
I love your blog and have added it to my bloglines.

candy :) :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Candy Faith,

Glad you stopped by.

Sandy said...

Hi, Elizabeth
I was wondering if you could put together a blogroll in the sidebar of all the ladies taking the course. It would help me to be able to easily find their blogs and follow along with their progress when they post about home economics. This might be encouraging, we could leave each other comments, etc. I'm loving your thoughts on homemaking. I'll work on my notebooks tonight and get something posted soon.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sandy,

That sounds like a good idea. I'll work on it.

Kate said...

I'm new to your blog, and have started at the beginning of the "course". You are such an inspiration. I really needed this self-evaluation today, thanks.