Monday, January 12, 2009

German potato salad -- 20 new recipe challenge

Just a note: I added a link to a German Potato Salad recipe on my "Twenty New Recipes This Year" list in my sidebar.
I tried the recipe tonight, and DH and I both thought it was delicious. However, due to not planning well, I made it in a hurry. I didn't read that you are supposed to mix the sauce on the side and then pour it in. Instead, I added the ingredients one by one and stirred them with the hot eggs and potatoes. That mashed the potatoes somewhat. We didn't mind the mashed texture, as we enjoyed the taste. But, I'd like to make it again and follow the procedure correctly.

If ever I do make a mistake with a potato salad recipe, it is that I do get the potatoes too soft. Is there some secret (in addition to making the dressing in a separate bowl) to making the potatoes just the right degree of firmness?

Happy Homemaking!

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