Monday, January 12, 2009

Week of January 11 --Apron -- pumpkin -- etc.

Congratulations to Seraphim, Topaztook, and Tricia -- who all guessed correctly that a pumpkin is a fruit. Botanically speaking, it is the fruit of the species curcubita pepo or curcubita mixta. Of course, we don't usually go around speaking botannically, unless you are my father who worked in fields related to agriculture and agricultural chemicals all of his life. In common usage, most people think of pumpkins as being a vegetable and that's ok. When gardening, just keep in mind that that a true fruit is the ovary or seed-producing part of a plant and develops from a flower. A true vegetable is the edible leaf, stem, or root of a plant. Hence, the tomatoes in this picture are also technically fruits, though we think of them as veggies.

Here's how I sewed a pocket onto the apron of my skirt. I followed the directions in the You Tube Tutorial in my recent post.

Here's my pocket piece before sewing:

Sorry about the poor photography in the next photo. First, I sewed the top edge with a zig-zag stitch to prevent the edge from fraying. I think if I had to do it again, I might have sewed a tiny sig-zag all around the pocket material. Anyhow, after I sewed the top edge, I turned down an inch hem toward the outside.

I sewed a vertical straight stitch line about a half inch inside each edge. Then, I cut the corners off.

I turned the hem inside out, and I used a pin to gently push up inside to make sure the corners were completely turned out and square. Then, I pressed the hem flat and, at the same time, pressed an inside hem on the other three sides of the square. Naturally, I made the side hems the same width as the vertical lines I sewed on the top hem. The next step would be to top stitch the top hem in place, right about the line where the material is turned down.

Next, I measured where I wanted the pocket to be and pinned it in place. I sewed a straight stitch along the outside edge.

Here's a blurry, sideways picture of my pocket sewed onto the skirt piece. Now, I have completed my skirt piece. The next step will be to cut ties for the waist and for the top. After we have cut those, we'll be ready to start sewing our apron!

Happy homemaking!

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