Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eggs, Eggs! 2/26 b

Katie has a lovely suggestion for preparing eggs:

A very nice, fairly easy egg presentation goes by the names of framed eggs, bird-in-a-nest, or toad-in-the-hole: whatever you call it, it's a slice of bread with the center cut out and an egg fried in the middle. The egg ends up as "over-easy" (Sunny-side down or "flopped") when you cook both sides of the bread. This must be done on a large griddle if you don't want to keep your family waiting!

My note: If you happen to live near a Cracker Barrel restaurant, look for these on the menu. If you have never eaten this wonderful treat, try theirs to see how it turns out.

If anyone else has egg suggestions, please send them to sunnyheart31atyahoodotcom


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