Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finishing Up Apron -- February 26

Waistband sewn across apron

I am down with a cold and not up for much deep cleaning, so I decided to finish the apron project. I will go back and do a little seam ripping and re-sewing of seams and pressing and string trimming, but this should give you an idea of how to finish your own apron. Someone once quipped, "As you sew, so shall you rip." That's definitely true for me!

In our last step, we sewed the bodice to the hem of the skirt. Now, iron in a small hem on all sides of both of your waist band pieces. With right sides together, sew along the long sides of your waist band. Turn the waist band inside out. Insert the ends of the waist straps and hand or machine stitch into place.

Next, topstitch this little packet into place all along the edge where your bodice meets your hem.

There you go. That was easy; wasn't it.

Here's a tutorial that describes a similar way of making a waistband and straps.

Those were our original directions, but I actually ended up making mine by a slightly different method. I decided to use a wider piece for my waistband and cut only one piece. Then, I sewed the straps along the bottom of this piece. I turned the waistband upside down and pinned it along the edge where the skirt meets the waistband. I stitched in the ditch all the way across. Then, I flipped the whole thing up, straps and all, folded the waistband down to the size I wanted it to be and stitched it all the way across, including across the bodice. I topstitched the bottom edge for continuity.

Happy Homemaking in your new apron.

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Ivy in the Kitchen said...

I hope you feel better; it seems everyone is sick this month. The fabric of your apron is so cute, by the way.

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-Miss H.