Monday, March 9, 2009

Lab week -- Dollar Store Craft

While we're thinking about spring cleaning, it's a good time to organize our dressing table/grooming areas. Whether you wear makeup or not, you likely have some long implements for basic grooming. These could be makeup brushes, nail files, little scissors, an orange stick, a little tube of clear lip gloss, etc. Here's a handy and inexpensive way to keep these little items organized and handy for use.

First, let me say that the following video is where I found the inspiration for my idea. Please watch the video, as this young lady has a cuter version than mine. (Note that she got the idea from the Sephora makeup line, so creativity gets passes around.) Plus, she offers several tips for organizing your grooming space.

Here's the video:

I decided to see if the brush/tool holder could be done on a dollar store budget. I wanted to make one for myself, as well as a couple for my daughter-in-law's birthday. So, I set out for the local Dollar Store to see what I could find.

I bought 3 little jars for $1.00 each. Now, the Dollar Store has a number of glass jars in different shapes, as well as several other little containers that would be cute. The container does not have to be see through glass. I chose a modern shape, because my daughter-in-law likes modern shapes and because I wanted to duplicate the one in the video as closely as possible on my first try.

I also found plastic sacks that contain a pouch of colored sand and a pouch of shells for $1.00 each. There is not a lot of variety of color there. My first selection was a bright pink. I decided to add little decorative rocks at the bottom on my first attempt. This did not work, as the sand filled into the rocks and the rocks made it hard to slip the brushes and tools in and out of the containers. I looked for more sand at another dollar store as I happened to be nearer that one, and I discovered that even though they are the same chain, the second store does not carry the decorative sand. So, I ended up buying white sand at Michael's instead. The sand at Michael's is $2.99, but one pouch is enough to do three of the little glasses. The sand at Michael's does not have the shells in it.

I have looked at both the dollar store and Michael's for some little decorative doo-dads to stick in. I particularly wanted butterflies like the ones in the video. I did see some possibilities at Michael's, but they would require a little more investment in wire, glue, etc., which would take me out of my dollar store budget experiment. I also saw an Easter garland that was basically white wire with some clearish/whitish stones on them, which looked similar to the ones the young lady had wrapped around her lamps in the video above. I could have cut that into lengths to wrap the three jars, but that would have added another $4.00 to the project. Again, that's not bad, but I was specifically determined to do this on a dollar store basis. So, I used the shells from the dollar store sand pouches to decorate the sand, and I think it looks lovely. It's hard to get the full effect of the white sand and the white shells in my photo, but they look darling in real life.

The bottom line is that if I had not made a mistake with the rocks, this would have been the total cost of my project:

$3.00 -- 3 decorative glass containers
$2.00 -- 2 packs of colored sand with shells

That means $5.00 spent on two for my daughter in law and one for me -- not bad :). Sometimes, at the dollar store, you can find makeup brushes and nail tools, so you can buy a few of those to stick in your jars. I actually bought some of the makeup brushes I'm giving my daughter-in-law at Kroger's. I'm sticking my own stuff in mine, so that's basically free.

I did pick up two thick, brightly colored emery boards in the sale racks at Michael's -- one for me and one for my daughter in law.

I would like to do this for my daughter, as well, but can't quite figure out how to get this up to Chicago, where she and her husband live.

Anyhow, that's my dollar store organization craft. Try it if you like.

Happy homemaking!


Charlene said...

I think something similar to this would make a cute candle holder, too. You could vary the size of the container according to the size of the candle. Cute idea.

Elizabeth said...

What a great idea to turn this into a candle holder.