Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall cleaning/homemaker health

How's your fall/get ready for holiday cleaning coming along?

Here are a few things you can do now to make life easier during the holiday season:

1) Cook a few meals to freeze. Choose a recipe that will be soothing on a cold day (if you live where you have winter weather). Use this for super busy days around the holidays. You can even freeze some main dishes in large enough quantities to feed your family and any guests that might be in the home.
2) Are you doing homemade gifts this year? If so, how are they coming along? If you would like to do some homemade gifts but haven't gotten started already, search for ideas on the Internet for gifts that will be quick and easy to make. Buy the supplies and take any beginning steps that you need to.
3) Start now and work non-perishable holiday items into your weekly food shopping. This can be easier on the budget than having to buy all of the items needed to make holiday meals or to serve extra guests during the holidays all at once.
4) Stock items in your guest bathroom.
5) If you do Christmas stockings, you can begin now to stock up on little items. This, too, can be easier on the budget than buying all of your holiday gifts at one time.

Have you learned the sale cycles in your area yet? For example, what food items are plentiful in your area during autumn? What recipes can you use to work these items into your menu. Seasonally fresh items are generally very nutritious and usually at their most inexpensive price of the year. Do you know when local department stores, grocery stores, and other stores stock items?

Even if you think you know your area's retail rhythms, you need to keep current. Whatever is happening in the economy in a particular year affects your area's retail cycles. For example, this year retailers are running more frequent sales on clothing. Winter coats and other fall items are already on sale. Given the current economic conditions, retailers know that people are saving rather than spending. They are trying to entice more shoppers into the stores. They also know that people will most likely reduce their holiday spending, which cuts into revenue that retailers depend upon. If you need to fill in gaps in your family's wardrobe and have the budget to do so, this can work in your favor. You may be able to pick up some needed items for a lower cost than in previous years.

We have had several cases of swine flu in our church and in our city. Remember, keeping surfaces in your home clean is one way you can fight the spread of flus, colds, and other viruses. Are you remembering to keep doorknobs, phones, light switches, and other frequently touched but not often noticed areas clean?

How are your bathrooms? If you have completed the cleaning and organizing you want to do in your master bedroom, now's a good time to tackle the bathrooms in your house. If you keep your first aid supplies and medicines in your bathroom, check those. Make sure you have enough items and that they are up to date. Remember, the steamy moisture of a bathroom can mean that the bathroom is not the best place to store certain medicines. Ask your pharmacist if you have any questions.

What is the condition of your towels? Are the bindings coming lose? If you don't want to replace the towels, stitch the bindings back on.

Clean your bathrooms from high to low. Clean any curtains. Replace curtain liners that are mildewed. Clean light fixtures.

When was the last time you scrubbed your bathroom scale?

In what condition are bathmats? Do you need to wash or replace them?

Do you keep cosmetics in your bathroom? Are they organized?

Do you keep cleaning supplies in your bathroom? Are they organized? Do you have enough?

Are your children's bathrooms safety proofed?

Have you sanitized the waste bucket?

Remember, fresh bathrooms are wonderful during the cooler months. For one reason, if you do catch a winter virus, it's more pleasant to come into a sparkling bathroom. Also, on gloomy days, a pretty bathroom retreat can be pleasant for you and for your family.

Don't forget scented candles --at least in bathrooms where small children can't be hurt by them. Even if you do have small children, they may enjoy taking a candlelight bath with you there to supervise.

One of the most feminine, yet demanding forms of exercise is ballet. Other forms of dance, such as jazz, provide good workouts, as well. Dance develops graceful, feminine movement, long and lean rather than bulky muscles, and a generally feminine body. Dance also stretches and relaxes muscles. You and your daughters can greatly improve your health by doing danced based exercise DVD's or by taking a dance class. There are many ballet based workout routines on the market, so do your research before you buy one. Some ballet DVD's are geared for those who actually want to learn and to perfect ballet technique. They are structured like a true ballet class. Other tapes are "loosely" based on ballet and are more for fun and exercise than for the serious ballet student. Either form of DVD can provide an enjoyable way to get a good workout, as well as to develop feminine physique and movement. I personally do not think I would advise daughters to pursue careers in dance, as there are many pitfalls that can befall a young lady who embarks on that course. However, dance does not have to become a career. It can simply be a wonderful way to improve health and grace.



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Now is a great time to get this out of the way before I start putting up Christmas decor. Thanks for sharing.

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