Saturday, October 3, 2009

The HOme Keeper's appearance: Budget friendly grooming aids

While we certainly don't want to over-emphasize the importance of appearance to the keeper at home, the fact is that we encourage our families and feel better about ourselves when we make an effort to present ourselves in as lovely a way as possible. Taking care of ourselves does not have to be expensive. Here are ten drug store items that will help contribute to a neat and lovely appearance:

1) Pond's Cold Cream -- You can't beat this old basic. It takes off make-up, acts as an emergency moisturizer and body lotion when you are traveling and don't want to carry multiple products, and is very inexpensive.
2) Four-sided nail file/butter/shiner/polisher block. You can find these at the dollar stores. You can also find these in nail sections of drugstores and Wal-Mart. These do just more than file your nails into shape. They buff, shine, get rid of ridges, etc.
3) Neutregena (sp?) dry sunblock -- has a pleasant feel to the skin and protects the skin from sun damage. As a fair-skinned person who has spent too much time in the sun, I would recommend that any woman use sun protection. If you're under twenty, get i n the habit now to protect your skin for later. Much of the sun damaage that surfaces in our thirties and later is simply the visible working out of damage suffered before the age of twenty.
4) L'Oreal eye make-up remover -- I love this eye make-up remover. If you use Pond's, thoughk you don't need an extra eye-make-up remover unless you happen to enjoy a particular brand, as I do.
5) Cotton rounds/cotton puffs -- great for a number of uses, particularly in cleaning face
6) A nice lip gloss orm even better, a protective gloss such as Chapstick -- great for when you are not wearing lipstick or if you don't wear make-up in general. Protects lips and gives a subtle sheen. Can also be used under lipstick to smooth lips before lipstick application or over lipstick to soften the look.
7) A skin oil for body; some oils can also be used to deep condidtion hair. Drugstores often carry inexpensive oils.
8) Small make-up bags for organizing items in your drawer, purse, or suitcase. Can be used for more than make-up items -- Use one for items you may need such as a few safety pens, a spot remover pen, a few tissues, feminine protection, clear nail polish to stop runs in hose, a comb, etc. Choose one in a color that makes you feel cheerful.
9) A soothing body lotion, perhaps one with coconut oil in it or shea butter or some other soothing agent. Or use a lotion that is formulated to take care of extremely dry skin, such as Eucerin.
10) A bath pillow and some bath salts -- fill up that tub and soak your way to a relaxed body and soft skin.

Other inexpensive items to pretty up your bedroom and other areas of yoru home: scented candles,pretty candle holders or mirrored plates to catch the candle's glow, padded clothes hangers, closet sachets or cedar chips, a small container of philodendrum (hard to kill and quick to grow -- not expensive), lemons to put in a bowl or in a glass jar; glass containers fo rthe table such as you might use for salad dressings; pretty kitchen cloths or pot holders, etc.

If you wear make-up, you will find that many drugstore brands are as effective as more expensive make-ups. One exception might be foundation. It's good to visit a make0up counter and have someone help yo match your foundation exactly. Plus, the better cosmetic lines do have foudnations that really do look good on your skin. Of course, you can make drugstore foundations work for you. But, if you are going to purchase only one product from a more epxensive line, foudnation woudl be a good start.

There's a lot you can do on a small budget to look pretty and to add touches of lovliness to your home.



Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

Thanks for the tips. I just love a good fall scented candle. Especially my Pumpkin Cheesecake ones.

Charlene said...

Since I've been couponing and watching for sales and deals, I'm able to use better brands of cleansers, moisterizers, etc, than I ever used to buy. I buy when the drugstores run specials, which I combine with coupons, so that I never pay retail and I always have lots of nice products on hand to use for myself, or in gift baskets, etc.

As homemakers, it's easy to fall into habits of neglecting our own "pampering" and personal care.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Gourmet Candles..

Hi Charlene...You are so right. It is easy to neglect our own pampering and personal care. Yet, it refreshes us and our families enjoy it if we do keep up. That's one area where we can all swap ideas to inspire us. Thanks for the tip about using coupons.